A woman with the “biggest cheek in the world” that cannot be recognized in old photos before surgery

Model Anastasia Pokleschuk, known for having the “biggest cheeks in the world”, has revealed what she looked like before being stabbed with a knife.

Anastasia Pokleschuk is known for having the ‘biggest cheeks in the world’(Anastasia Pokleschuk/Instagram)

A model known for having the “biggest cheeks in the world” has released a pre-surgery image.

Anastasia Pokleschuk from Kiev, Ukraine, looks indistinguishable in old photos, but this one was taken before she spent thousands of pounds on fillers to transform her look.

The woman compared her pre-surgery side-by-side comparison of what she looks like now, aged 27 and 34, and surprised her followers by adding, “I’m beautiful.”

In snaps from the time, she was seen wearing a baggy floral top with minimal makeup, brown hair, short nails and less extreme features.

Anastasia, by comparison, now has hot pink hair, dramatic makeup, and carefully chiseled cheekbones and chin. Her lips have also grown over the last few years and she also had liposuction last year.

Anastasia shared a photo that reminded her of what she looked like before surgery(justqueen88/Instagram)

She shared the photo with her 93,000 followers, with more than 4,800 now sharing their views. Her viewers were torn as many preferred the more “natural” look of her first pictures.

One person asked, “Why did you do that? I think you were cute in your natural state.”

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