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March 22, 2023 | 3:20 PM

Brunette beauty Lauren Sanchez caught the eye of billionaire Jeff Bezos, but plastic surgery experts say her striking look isn’t all natural.

Three of the country’s top plastic surgeons tell Page Six EXCLUSIVELY that they believe the 53-year-old media personality likely had nose surgery and a facelift.

Dr. Konstantin Vashkevich, a “facelift expert,” says the reason why individuals go under the knife for a facelift is that it “prevents sagging of facial tissue and maintains a youthful neck contour.” ‘, and he believes Sanchez did it.

Plastic surgery experts believe that Lauren Sanchez likely underwent a facelift and rhinoplasty.

Dr. Ramtin Kasir, a celebrity doctor who has worked with stars like Melissa Gorga and Lele Pons, says the tell-tale sign Bezos’ girlfriend got a facelift is her “sticky earlobes.” Added. An old thing.

A surgeon based in New York and New Jersey says, “If you go through a facelift and sew everything too tight, your earlobes will stick to your face and you’ll lose your curvy contours.

“She has dimples and shadows around her mouth,” he notes.

Sanchez’s “sticky earlobes” are a “clear sign” of a facelift, says Dr. Ramtin Kasir.
Lauren Sanchez/Instagram

However, Cassir recognizes that Sanchez has a “nice jawline” likely achieved through a facelift, but a deep facelift that addresses ligaments and muscles “much better.” It is excellent for

Dr. Ehsan Ali, known as the “Concierge Doctor of Beverly Hills,” said the former “Good Day LA” co-host had a mini facelift “likely because his skin looked pulled back and tightened.” I agree that there is

He also believes that Sanchez likely had rhinoplasty because “the tip of her nose is much thinner than it used to be.”

Sanchez seems to have done less work here in 2018.
Getty Images

Ali, who has met the TV host in person and says she “looks good,” says it’s not “uncommon” for women in their 50s to “wear makeup.”

Aside from the surgical procedure, the experts we spoke with, even those not working on Sanchez, believed the former “Extra” correspondent had undergone cosmetic surgery with semi-permanent results. I’m here.

Pamela Weinberger, founder of Plump Cosmetics, believes Sanchez had lip fillers and should redo them to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing look.

Dr. Ehsan Ali tells Page Six that he has met Sanchez in person, and she “looks good.”
wire image

“She has to melt her lips and start over because when she smiles and makes an animation, some of the filler moves into the submucosal area of ​​her lips, changing the natural shape of her lips and making them bumpy.” Because you can see it,” says the cosmetics expert.

Kassir agrees that Sánchez’s lips look “a bit too full” and speculates that the lips may have been ingested silicone as they are high in the middle and “heavy” on the sides. doing.

Dr. Aza Halim, a board-certified multi-specialist physician, also believes that the socialite has enhanced her lips in some way, “using dermal fillers to have a more defined cheek and jawline. He adds that it may have had “aesthetic contours.”

Some experts agree that Sanchez has done some sort of lip enhancement.
Getty Images

Other doctors thought Sanchez was likely put under the knife to achieve a thinner nose, but Halim said she may have opted for fillers in that area as well. I am pointing out.

Vasyukevich believes the former “The View” guest host’s cheek swelling was also due to the injection, and Weinberger “dissolved” that part of Sanchez’s face to “give it a more natural look.” says he likes it.

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However, all the experts we spoke to agree that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Halim said Sanchez had “always been a natural beauty” and that even with the surgeries he’s “done very well”.

Expert injector Pamela Weinberger says she chooses to dissolve some of Sanchez’s filler for a more natural look.
Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock

Weinberger agrees that the former TV anchor has a “very striking look” but adds that he looks “even fuller than he has in years past.”

Kassir and Vasyukevich agree that in most cases patients prefer to undergo cosmetic or plastic surgery that is more natural and discreet.

“The fact that we are discussing ‘work’ here means that something has caught our eye: cosmetic intervention has become apparent to us,” Vasyukevich said. says.

Dr. Kassir says the goal should be “to make people look and feel like themselves while also feeling more refreshed.”
Variety at Getty Images
Seen here in 2010, Sanchez has not disclosed the work she has done.
Getty Images

“Many people welcome this, but some prefer to be more discreet. I have.”

Kassir concludes:

Sanchez has not confirmed the work she has done, and if the mother of three chooses to go under the knife, the procedure will cost her quite a bit.

Facelifts in the United States are said to range from $50,000 to $100,000, depending on the surgeon performing the surgery. Rhinoplasty costs $15,000 to $30,000, and fillers cost $300 to $600 every four to six months.

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