A new way of thinking about hospital food

Murray, Utah — When you think of hospitals, five-star restaurants don’t come to mind. The chefs at Intermountain Health are working to change that.

“What really sets us apart is the people and care we put into everything we do,” said Alex Gavan, executive chef of Intermountain Health.

They treat patients as guests, he said.

“We say we care about every aspect of your stay, including the food,” he said.

Gavan said Intermountain Medical Center serves more than 1,000 meals a day through room service alone.

Guests can call from their room to order menu items, which can be customized to meet their dietary needs and preferences.

“You can call from opening hours to closing hours and order according to your needs,” Govern said.

Stan Wilson has been at Intermountain Medical Center for four weeks awaiting a heart transplant.

“In preparation for the transplant, they want us to be as strong as possible, so eating a healthy diet is very important,” Wilson said.

He said he tried almost everything on the menu during his stay.

“I gained weight while in the hospital, but this is not bad weight, it’s real diet weight,” Wilson said.

Studies from the American College of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition show that 30-50% of patients worldwide suffer from hospital malnutrition. It showed an increased risk of death in patients with low dietary intake. At Intermountain Health, we want to avoid this by providing quality meals.

“Intermountain takes food seriously as medicine,” Gavan said.

He said each cook at Intermountain Health has a goal of healing a sick clientele.

“If you are patient as my guest, 99% of the time, that day will be one of the worst of your life. If we can make a positive impact by serving nutritious meals with a smile. , you’ll recover faster,” he said.

Gavan said he also takes pride in reciprocating ingredients in his meals to reduce waste.

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