A General Psychologist Discusses Swiftie Traits

BOSTON – WBZ TV also met many Taylor Swift fans as Gillette Stadium welcomed Taylor Swift to a weekend’s worth of sold-out shows.

Whether they’re waiting in line for hours to buy something or still hoping to get a ticket, Swifties are extremely dedicated. Dr. Alexandra Gold, a psychologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, says the level of fandom isn’t limited to Swift alone.

“I don’t think it’s specific to Taylor Swift in particular,” Gold said. “I think there’s something about these celebrities that the fandom develops around it.”

Ms. Gold said the connection between Swift and her fans lies in her lyrics.

“What makes the song even more personal is that every song has a strong emotional component. People connect around emotions, but she does a great job of incorporating emotions into the story.” I feel like people know her because she’s been there and she’s shown a lot of different sides.Throughout her own career, people connect with them because it’s their Because it has to do with life.”

Gold said this kind of fandom can cause problems if it interferes with other parts of one’s life or becomes emotionally taxing, but cases like this are rare.

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