A former Sabatas man back in prison.seek medication

PORTLAND — A former Sabatus man serving a three-year sentence on a federal gun offense conviction is back in prison on suspicion of violating the terms of his release.

Scott A. Estes, 42, was handcuffed and appeared in U.S. District Court on Wednesday, where his attorney, Robert Andrews, released Estes from federal custody so he could work and register substances. and demanded to be placed under house arrest. abuse program.

Scott Andrew Estes

After pleading guilty earlier this year, Estes was convicted in October 2019 of possessing a stolen gun and being a felony with a gun conviction. In March 2021, he completed his sentence and began a three-year supervised release.

After his release, Estes moved to Portland, where he works for his landlord, Andrews said.

“He decided he wanted to seek treatment,” Andrews said of Estes’ substance abuse problem.

Andrews called two witnesses on Wednesday to testify about the feasibility of his proposal.

One of the witnesses, Sheila Estes, the wife of Scott Estes, said that if Estes were released from house arrest and subject to electronic surveillance and regular drug and alcohol testing, she would be willing to have a third-party custodian. He testified that he would serve as

If Estes violates the terms of his release, his wife must report the violation to authorities.

“I can stand up to Scott,” she said.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Sean Greene told Justice Karen F. Wolfe on Wednesday that Scott Estes had already violated the terms of his supervised release while living with his wife.

Green said Estes should only be released from prison if placed directly in bed in a home substance abuse treatment program.

He said having Estes’ wife oversee his actions was a “dangerous prospect”.

Green said releasing Estes under house arrest “would be a recipe for failure.”

In November 2022, a judge released Estes after his probation officer cited repeated violations of drug and alcohol prohibitions between May and November 2022, according to court records. We made the conditions stricter.

“It is clear that the defendants are having trouble complying with the terms of their supervised release,” wrote U.S. probation officer Toni Baker.

Since November, Estes has again failed several tests for drug and alcohol use, Baker wrote in court documents, recommending that his release be revoked.

He was arrested last week.

Estes faces up to two years in prison for violating her release for each of her two felony convictions.

Judge Wolfe denied on Wednesday that Estes attempted to be released under house arrest.

She said after Monday’s drug program screening in Lewiston or Saco, Estes could go back to court and offer to be released from prison again.

“I wish you well,” she said.

Estes’ underlying belief stems from a woman calling 911 in 2017. The woman told the dispatcher that she was driving the truck with her then-boyfriend Estes.

She said he pointed a gun at her.

A seven-hour standoff with police ensued, ending peacefully when police recovered a reportedly stolen .38 caliber semi-automatic pistol.

He had been convicted of a felony and was prohibited from possessing a firearm.

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