A coroner confirmed the 47-year-old was shot dead near 58th and W. Forrest Homes.

Milwaukee (CBS 58) — Shooting outside a bank in Milwaukee, just outside West Alice. The suspect died after a shootout with the driver of the armored truck, and passenger police say he was attempting a robbery.

The flashing red light is gone. Police closed an investigation at the scene and identified the dead man as a 47-year-old from Kenosha. Police say he was shot while lifting an armored truck here and the men in the truck fought back. The neighbors were astonished.

“I was scared and went outside. I asked the police officer, should I lock the door? Should I lock the door? He said no,” said Gail Serran, who works nearby. .

Hours after gunshots rang out, North Shore Bank was at 58:00.th The Forest Home was surrounded by yellow tape as police worked to assemble the parts. In the attempted robbery, the suspect shot his 36-year-old armored truck guard, police said. That’s when another of his security guards, a 25-year-old from Watertown, fired back and shot the suspect dead.

The area is a mix of business and residential. A neighbor showed us the camera footage. It shows an armored truck stopping at a bank at about 4:51 PM. Before 5:00 pm, the first police cars arrived on the scene.

“We have lived here for 26 years and have always done banking there. I knew a retired teller there over the years. Two, three, four, I don’t know how many of them,” Terran said.

Police said they recovered two pistols and a shotgun from the scene. The 36-year-old armored guard who was shot is hospitalized but is expected to survive.

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