9-month-old heart surgery requires N8m

The family of 9-month-old boy Victor Orbodin is in panic after being diagnosed with a serious heart condition.

Victor, the twin, is said to be in urgent need of surgery that will cost around N8m.

His mother, Mrs. Adeora Orbodun, said while speaking to City Round on Friday that the family has not known peace since their child was diagnosed with the condition three months ago.

“The pregnancy was going well. There was nothing to suggest that either of the babies were in any condition,” she said.

Mrs. Orbodun said, however, that after three months she was shocked when Victor developed difficulty breathing and became overweight.

Concerned family members took him to the hospital where, after numerous tests, he was told that he had a double ventricle of the right ventricle, a hole in his heart.

“It was like a dream. Everything happened fast. One time we were celebrating, another time we were talking about surgery.

“For nine months, I’ve been through things I’ve never experienced in my life, but I don’t want my son to die. He’s the only son in the family. I can’t afford to lose him.” she added.

In a report dated January 19, 2023, Dr. Olumuyiwa Folayan, a consultant pediatrician and cardiologist at University College Hospital in Ibadan, who manages a 9-month-old baby, reported weight gain, frequent A persistent suck-stop cycle, recurrent coughing, and rapid breathing were noted 3 months ago.

“His pregnancies and newborns are going well and his twin sister is doing well.

“On examination, his lungs were characterized by dyspnea and coarse vocalization. His pulse rate was 170 beats per minute, regular and synchronous. There was a grade 3/6 pansystolic murmur at the first heart sound, the loud pulmonary component of the second heart sound, and the left lower sternal border.

“A chest x-ray showed cardiac hypertrophy. He had electrocardiographic features suggestive of LAE and LVH, and echocardiography showed a double exit right ventricle (DORV) with unrestricted large VSD and PDA. became clear.

“He was being managed with pneumonia in heart failure on the background of DORV. Victor will need open-heart surgery to correct the heart defect,” the report read.

Victor’s mother revealed that the surgery would cost between N7.5m and N8m, adding that the operation would be performed in India.

Donations can be sent to the patient’s GTBank account (0767243376 Olubodun Victor Joash).

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