7 best fast food hash browns, ranked [Updated 2023]

Who serves the best fast food hash browns? I went to the drive-thru to find out.

Hash browns on a plate with ketchup on a small plateChristina Vanni for a taste of home

find the best fast food hash browns

There are mornings when eating a fast food breakfast on the way to work feels like a real treat. Along with a cup of coffee and a sausage, egg and cheese sandwich, sometimes a crispy side of hash browns is just what you need. I was.

  • taco bell
  • white castle
  • taco johns
  • Dunkin’
  • burger king
  • Chick-fil-A
  • McDonald’s

Along the way, I realized that fast food hash browns fall into two categories: nugget-style and patty-style. We also found that some restaurants served breakfast all day, while others stopped serving breakfast around 10:30 or 11:00.

Hash browns are ranked according to the crispness of the outside and the softness of the potatoes inside. Analyze seasoning, fatness, and ease of eating in the car. Take a look at our rankings and see how your favorite fast food hash browns are rated!


Hash Browns Christina Vanni For Toh JveditTaste of Home by Kristina Vanni

7. Taco Bell

Coming in at the bottom of our list was Taco Bell’s hash browns. This is one of two patty-shaped hash browns we sampled. Unfortunately, it arrived at the drive-thru window, far too greasy for our taste buds.At just $1, it was the cheapest hash brown in this taste test, so for a budget-friendly option, Taco Bell is the best option.

Conclusion: If I’m at Taco Bell, I order a Mexican pizza.


white castle hash brownTaste of Home by Kristina Vanni

6. White Castle

White Castle offers a nugget-style hash brown nibbler for $1.99. It seems that this particular batch was overcooked as it tasted a bit burnt when I took the first bite. I can.

Conclusion: This is the place to go for all-day breakfast hash browns.

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