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Dollar General is a quick and convenient shopping resource for those on a budget. We have everything from groceries to daily necessities, so you can get all the items you need at once. But while it’s easy to keep your cart full, experts say there are some products you’re better off buying elsewhere. Read below for the worst things not to buy at Dollar General.

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Whether you’re battling seasonal allergies or need something to help with pain, over-the-counter (OTC) medications can be very helpful in managing your symptoms.But according to Julie RamholdConsumer analysts at DealNews.com say you’ll spend far more at Dollar General than at the Warehouse Club or Walmart, especially when it comes to big name brands. maybe.

“For example, Dollar General sells a 30-day supply of Zyrtec for about $21, while Walmart sells the same for $19.97,” she explains. “This may not seem like a big savings, but the big box stores also sell larger sizes, so you can buy 90 days of Zyrtec for $42.47 at Walmart, which is less than 30 days. is even better, at $14.16 per month.”

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Even if you’re not a great home chef, having the right cooking utensils on hand can make a big difference to the experience. And, experts say, buying bargain kitchen gadgets and other dining items at Dollar General could end up blowing your budget.

“Not only are these things that consumers need and use every day, but over time the actual cost can jump to two to three times the sticker price if replacements are required,” he said. say. Mary Clark, Editor of shopping and retail site “Cost Contessa”. “Consumers are smarter to pay for kitchenware, utensils, and pots that last longer.” She suggests finding a

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Keeping an eye on your spending can make it difficult to factor cosmetics into your budget. But if you’re looking for the best deals, 100 yen shops aren’t the best option.

“It’s great to be able to find name-brand products at Dollar General, but the prices usually aren’t the best,” says Rumhold. “For example, the Maybelline Cheek Heat Gel Creme Blush at Dollar General costs about $7.25, but you can find more colors at Walmart for just $5.98. Another example is Dollar. Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara from General, about $10.75 per tube, but you can buy a 2-pack of this product for $13.56 at Walmart.”

That’s why you shouldn’t expect bargains to meet your makeup needs. “Even if you find a product you like, it’s often cheaper at the big box stores, so it’s better to shop around,” she advises.

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While most stores may not carry a lot of fresh produce, Dollar General offers a wide selection of grocery items that allow you to stock up on certain kitchen essentials at more affordable prices. But Rumhold says. best life Mac and cheese and other shelf-stable items may be easy to find there, but you can get them much cheaper elsewhere.

“For example, Belvita Shells & Cheese is about $4 for a 12-ounce box at Dollar General, but the same thing is $3.43 at Walmart,” she notes. “The same goes for things like Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. A four-pack of individual serving cups sells for $5.35 at Dollar General, but $4.92 at Walmart. A nice box is $1.35 at Dollar General, but only $1 at Walmart.”

Rumhold said prices may not seem to vary much, but they could add up over time depending on how much you buy. “And it’s not just macaroni & cheese. Goods like hamburgers her helpers are a lot cheaper at stores like Walmart compared to Dollar Her General,” she added.

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Gift cards are the perfect Christmas present or last minute gift. But just because you see it for sale at a 100-yen shop doesn’t mean you should add it to your cart at checkout.

“Buying a gift card at Dollar General means paying face value, but shopping at Warehouse Club saves you $15 to $50 off the face value of the gift card,” Rumhold said. explains. “Even if you shop at a store like Target, if you use your red card to pay for an item, you get a 5% discount on the item.”

Rumhold added that there are many discount sites online where gift cards can also be purchased. “Don’t pay full price for these items unless it’s absolutely necessary,” she warns.

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