5 Reasons Ketamine is a Safe and Effective Treatment for Depression

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Anyone who has depression knows how debilitating it can be. It’s especially prevalent here in Utah.

The Utah Department of Health reports that “Utah consistently has higher self-reported lifetime depression rates than the United States (24.2% vs. 20.1% in 2021).”

Just like depression symptoms vary from person to person, not everyone responds to treatment in the same way. Or there is no relief at all.

If this applies to you or your loved one, it may be time to consider ketamine therapy to treat depression.

Provides relief within hours instead of weeks

In a GoodRx article, pharmacists Tegan Smedley and Stacia Woodcock admit that regular antidepressants “can take a while to work.” They say symptoms may improve in the first few weeks, but “it often takes four to eight weeks to feel the full effect of the drug.”

With ketamine therapy, you don’t have that problem.

Dr. Peter Grinspoon told Harvard University, “Instead of hoping that SSRIs would provide some relief for weeks on end, people suffering from the crushing heaviness of depression could go to about 40. You can start feeling the benefits of ketamine within minutes.Health Blog.

Effective for people with treatment-resistant depression

Another advantage of ketamine is that it can help those who have not found relief from other medications.

“We are reaching out in new ways to patients who have not responded to other types of treatment, and for some, they are experiencing their first recovery from depression,” said John Crystal. The doctor, a psychiatrist at Yale-New Haven Hospital and Yale Medical School in Connecticut, told WebMD’s Sonya Collins.

One example is Christa Coulter-Scott, who told Collins that the “dark clouds of depression” she’s dealt with for most of her life didn’t falter until she tried ketamine therapy.

“It lightened my head and left me with a brooding, dark, heavy feeling,” Coulter-Scott said. “And everything around me seems brighter — the sun, the lights in my office.” She even asked her colleagues if the lighting in their offices had changed.

“I don’t know if it’s a side effect of the ketamine or the reduced depression.

Effectively reduces suicidal ideation

If you or your loved ones are struggling with suicidal thoughts, here is some important information. and have lasting benefits in acute treatment of suicidal patients.”

Grinspoon believes this is good reason to consider this treatment when all other treatments have proven ineffective.

“Given its effectiveness in people contemplating suicide, we think ketamine has the potential to save lives,” he says.

high success rate

If you’re wondering if ketamine therapy will work for you, the odds are in your favor. One study published in PubMed Central found that ketamine had a “definite and rapid effect on depression” immediately after administration. demonstrated that the results were sustained after 1 month.

Ketamine SLC has treated over 4,000 patients in over 40,000 individual treatment sessions, with 75% free of depression.

5 Reasons Ketamine is a Safe and Effective Treatment for Depression
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few side effects

Statistically, ketamine therapy has proven to be very safe. They subsided after an hour.

Of 40,000 individualized treatment sessions with Ketamine SLC, no serious serious adverse events were observed in the clinic. Of course, this requires strict adherence to the clinic’s Ketamine Intramuscular Step System for Depression (KISSD).

“When KISSD’s system is utilized to administer ketamine, the process earns and deserves the label of the ‘Holy Grail of Depression,'” says Ketamine SLC.

“There is no other drug on the planet that has been proven to be as safe and effective in treating depression as ketamine. Ketamine’s top stats are unmatched.”

Apply for free consultation

If you’ve tried several different treatment options for depression and nothing seems to work, ketamine may be the answer. Provides quick relief.

Don’t let depression take another day out of your life. Let the medical experts at Ketamine SLC help you find the long-awaited remedy you’ve been looking for. To learn more about how treatment can help you and see if this treatment is right for you, request a free consultation at Ketamine SLC today.

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