5 of Keith’s Favorite Food Trucks Found at Taste of Cincinnati

This year’s Taste of Cincinnati vendors include many of the great restaurants I already know. The Tickle Pickle, Deme Kitchen, Fortune Noodle House, Sweets & Meats, and more.

So this year, we decided to focus on a few lesser-known vendors: food trucks. Right next to Procter & Gamble in TK there are quite a few restaurants. Here you’ll find trucks that sell everything from Mexican street he tacos to Chicago Italian he beef. Have you tried them all? If so, I will be submitting this story to the ER now. But after testing quite a few on Saturday, five stood out to him. If you want to know more, read on.

Winner: Indigenous Chef Three Sisters Fries

A view of

Be sure to stop by the Aboriginal Chef food truck and sample the Three Sisters Fried Bread. According to owner Chris Best, a descendant of the Mohawk people of southeastern Canada and upstate New York, fried bread is a traditional Native American dish named after the three sisters who can’t live without each other: corn, pumpkin and beans. It is said that it was named by The fried flatbread is topped with sweet potato hummus, bison, black beans, vegetables, corn salsa, and wojapi sauce, a sweet and complex traditional Native American sauce made with blueberries and spices. I also recommend the bison empanadas and the succotash empanadas.

runner up

Twisted Greek Greek Pimento Cheese

A view of Greek Pimento Cheese from the Twisted Greek Food Truck at the Taste of Cincinnati event on Saturday, May 27, 2023 in Cincinnati.

I didn’t get a chance to try Twisted Greek’s Greek Wrap Supreme, which won a bronze medal at this year’s Best of Taste Food Truck Awards. Placed 3rd in this year’s Best of Taste Food Truck competition. But I really liked the Greek pimento cheese and pita chips. Made with Caselli cheese, this cheese had the perfect tangy saltiness and seemed better than many pimento cheeses I’ve tasted.

Black and white cupcakes from SugarSnap!

Sugar Snap offered mini cupcakes and other treats. Sweet Treats food truck. Proceeds went to Josh Cares, an organization that provides fellowship and comfort to children admitted to the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.  For more information about Josh Cares, visit joshcares.org.

I don’t really like cupcakes. But black and white cupcakes from Alexandria-based Sugarsnap! (New York’s famous black-and-white cookie riff) Might change my mind. Owner Elizabeth Romero Lipscombe’s Belgian chocolate cupcakes are moist, chocolatey and unforgettable. Topped with luxurious vanilla bean buttercream and sprinkled with rich Belgian chocolate chips. I’ve only tried the white and black ones, but I think all of Romero Lipscomb’s other cupcakes are just as good.

Pupa of El Chevit

El Cheviot food truck at 2023 Taste of Cincinnati.

Yes, I thought El Chebito, a family run business, was from Cheviot. close. She’s based in Sailor Park, but she said I’m not the only one who thinks so, the woman who worked her window on Saturday said. It doesn’t matter where the truck came from. Their pupusas stuffed with pork, beans and cheese have a deep corn flavor and you could tell they deeply care about what they do.

Hawaiian Dinner Crab Bake

Crab cakes (foreground) and fried rice ball sandwiches from the 2023 Taste of Cincinnati Dine-In Hawaiian food truck.

Maybe it’s my recent obsession with Hawaii, but I loved this little cup of crab sticks, sushi rice, cream cheese, and teriyaki sauce. To me it tasted like really good sushi in a cup (maybe they’re on to something here). No wonder it won the silver award at this year’s Best of Taste Awards.

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