5 Failing Points in Tri-City, WA Food Safety Inspection

Kennewick, Washington

The Benton-Franklin Health District gave five businesses, including three Richland restaurants, a failing rating in a food safety inspection May 15-19.

The district food safety team gave passing marks in 29 inspections, 13 of which were full marks.

Most of them were school cafeterias. There were no violations at restaurants or markets during follow-up inspections.

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Additional fines will be imposed on businesses or organizations that receive 35 points for more serious red violations in the district’s routine inspection. Must meet stricter standards for inspection.

For the follow-up exam, you must have less than 25 red marks and a limited number of repetitions to pass.

Violations in red are those most likely to result in food poisoning, such as improper temperature control of food, lack of hand washing, and bare-hand contact with food.

Violations in blue are low-risk factors related to facility cleanliness and physical condition.

No notice will be given prior to inspection.

The inspection results are published on the Internet, and residents can check the violation status and violation details of each restaurant.

Go to bit.ly/BFHDinspections. Click on the business name and click on the inspection date on the right half of the next page. Look for the “Violations” tab.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 509-460-4205.

failed inspection

Golden Horse Restaurant108 Merlot Drive, Prosser, May 17 Routine (Red 65, Blue 3)

Note: Lack of proactive management controls, food worker cards not 100%, improper hand washing, improper storage of raw meat, improper cooling procedures.

McCorkles Market (Deli), 14601 N. Rothrock Road, Prosser, May 17 Routine (Red 35, Blue 0)

Note: Lack of positive management controls, inadequate heat retention (<130°F), no accurate thermometer provided or used.

Pupuceria salvadrena127 Gage Blvd., Richland, usually May 18 (Red 45, Blue 0)

Note: Inadequate hand-washing facilities, inadequate cooling procedures, and inadequate cold storage (>45°F).

The Lodge at Columbia Point530 Columbia Point Drive, Richland, May 18 routine (45 red, 0 blue)

Note: The Food Worker Card is not 100% good for inadequate hand washing, inadequate hand washing facilities, and lack of proper consumer advice. (5 points)

Tumbleweed Mexican Flare894 Stevens Drive, Richland, May 18 routine (55 red, 0 blue)

Note: Improper Cooling Procedure, Improper Hot Hold (<130°F), Improper Cold Hold (42-45°F).

Passed inspection

Boba Lab4827 W. Clearwater Ave., Suite 110, Kennewick, Routine May 15 (Red 5, Blue 5)

churros miaEvents, Routines May 17 (Red 10, Blue 5)

Desert Hills Middle School1701 S. Clodfelter Road, Kennewick, Routine May 16 (Red 0, Blue 0)

dutch brothers2601 W. Court St., Pasco, Routine May 18 (Red 10, Blue 5)

El Caporal624 Sixth St., Prosser, follow-up May 17 (red 5, blue 0)

enterprise middle school5200 Paradise Way, West Richland, May 16 routine (0 red, 0 blue)

hanford high school450 Hanford St., Richland, usually May 19 (red 10, blue 3)

highland junior high school425 S. Tweedt St., Kennewick, Routine May 19 (Red 0, Blue 0)

Kamiakin High School600 N. Arthur St., Kennewick, usually May 16 (red 5, blue 0)

Kibe Elementary School/Junior High School913 Horne Drive, Benton City, May 19 routine (red 0, blue 0)

Kibe High School Kitchen1205 Horne Drive, Benton City, May 19 routine (red 0, blue 0)

Ki-Be Market groceries and feed1215 Horne Road, Benton City, Routine May 16 (Deli 30 Red, 0 Blue) (Meat 0 Red, 5 Blue)

legacy high school4624 W. 10th Ave., Kennewick, Routine May 19 (0 Red, 0 Blue)

Leona Libby Middle School3259 Belmont Blvd., West Richland, Routine May 16 (Red 0, Blue 3)

McCorkles Market (Store), 14601 N. Rothrock Road, Prosser, Routine May 17 (Red 0, Blue 0)

red robin1021 N. Columbia Center Blvd., Kennewick, Routine May 15 (Red 15, Blue 0)

Richland School District Early Learning Center1525 Hunt Ave., Richland, Routine May 19 (Red 0, Blue 0)

Sakajawea Elementary School535 Fuller St., Richland, May 19 routine (0 red, 0 blue)

Sage Crest Elementary School6411 W. 38th Ave., Kennewick, scheduled for May 19 (0 red, 0 blue)

south gate elementary school3121 W. 19th Ave., Kennewick, usually May 16 (Red 25, Blue 0)

southridge high school3520 Southridge Blvd., Kennewick, Routine May 16 (Red 0, Blue 0)

tacos la quintaevents, routines May 18 (red 25, blue 0)

tacos mi casitaevents, routines May 18 (red 10, blue 0)

Tacos Palomino Corporation1315 E. Lewis St., Pasco, May 19 Routine (Red 15, Blue 0)

The Palm Bar & Grill603 Ninth St., Benton City, Routine May 16 (Red 0, Blue 5)

Wittran Steak & Spirits1427 Wine Country Road, Prosser, follow-up May 17 (red 0, blue 0)

William Wiley Elementary School2820 S. Highland Blvd., West Richland, Routine May 16 (Red 0, Blue 0)

wing stop121 Gage Blvd., Richland, usually May 18 (Red 10, Blue 0)

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