23 startups and how AWS is helping healthcare heroes

Health care workers shortage and burnout As the crisis continues, the World Health Organization Ten million As a result, patients are at risk of creating dangerous gaps in care.

This is a complex problem that requires multi-faceted solutions, and providing innovative technology that meets the needs of the medical community is one way Amazon Web Services (AWS) can help. That’s why AWS start The 2023 AWS Healthcare Accelerator: Global Cohort for Workforce is a technical, business, and mentorship program that helps startups advance their digital health solutions and use the cloud to accelerate their growth.

Photo of two staff members reviewing X-ray images on a desktop device.

photo from Visionable, A startup that provides real-time, multi-streaming video solutions from initial consultation to hospital treatment to home care.

At ViVE 2023, a conference for healthcare leaders, we announced 23 startups selected as Accelerators from hundreds of applicants from around the world. These startups provide the solutions the healthcare industry needs in his three core areas of retention, deployment and training.

Learn more about these startups and the problems they’re trying to solve below.


Major causes of burnout include daily overload and time spent doing frustrating manual tasks. The following start-ups remove friction from day-to-day processes, streamline clinical workflows, reduce documentation burdens, outsource basic tasks to artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled solutions, and promote healthy and flexible working. Supporting morphology helps reduce individual workloads. .


The shift to new ways of working within virtual wards, community settings, and home care offers positive possibilities for both patients and providers. The following startups are working on solutions that enable secure information exchange, remote monitoring and interoperability to securely deploy tools that empower their mobile workers and patients.


For many healthcare organizations, staffing constraints impact their ability to both deliver clinical care and new technologies, so supporting training, upskilling, and reskilling is critical. The following startups make training more customized, engaging and effective.

meet a mentor

Fourteen leaders across the ecosystem were selected to provide the guidance needed to help startups advance solutions that can truly meet the needs of the provider community.big thanks to American Hospital Association (AHA), catty, Deloitte, Herefordshire and Worcestershire Integrative Medicine Commission, Albert Einstein Hospital, Humana, intermountain ventures, General Brigham, Northern Care Alliance, Phillips, British Columbia Department of Health Services, rock health, Royal Papworth Hospitaland savvy co-opWe also appreciate Alchemist X and Plexal Thank you for your expertise in helping us deliver the Accelerator program.

“After focusing on caring for more than 6 million COVID-19 patients over the past three years, health workers are running out. Today we face a real crisis. “Hospitals and healthcare systems cannot function without caregivers, and solving this crisis must be a priority for all of us,” said Chris DeRienzo, M.D., Ph.D., chief physician executive at the AHA. increase. “To improve today’s workforce and grow tomorrow’s workforce, we need to bring together both experts and innovators, and we need to do it now. We’ve seen first-hand how it improves processes and enables both clinicians and support teams, which is why the AHA is excited to participate in driving new solutions like the one produced by the AWS Healthcare Accelerator. Our members need their support more than ever.”

Learn more about the 2023 AWS Healthcare Accelerator

This program is customized based on your startup’s needs, location and available experts and may include:

The AWS Healthcare Accelerator builds on other ways we support the healthcare community, including providing industry-specific AWS training for clinical, business, and technical teams around the world. We continue to innovate on behalf of our customers, support solutions that help improve healthcare, and work with our partners and customers to implement them. Past AWS healthcare accelerators include: health equity, Aging Care, US-based healthcareand UK based healthcareis an example.

For more information, 23 startupsand learn more about how AWS supports the global healthcare and life sciences industry.

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