22-year-old woman with 34H breasts ‘refuses NHS reduction surgery because of BMI’

A 22-year-old woman with 34H breasts said she was denied reduction surgery by the NHS because her BMI was too high.

Leonie Reynolds has wanted surgery since she was 12 and claims she wore an E-cup bra size.

As a result, Leonie suffers from severe lower back pain, which she says has persisted for the past decade. When she first sought her help, her doctor told her to wait until she turned 18 and was told to take paracetamol and ibuprofen to deal with her pain, she explained. bottom.

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Leonie, from Chelmsford, Essex, told Essex Live: “I was getting used to some pain, but I was tired all the time and a little lethargic, and at that age I started getting irritable. The pain I’ve always had ”

Leonie revealed that she was very self-conscious when she was younger.

“It was a big anxiety point for me,” she said. “I’ve been a busty girl from the beginning.” She underwent physical therapy and even had an MRI scan to see if there was a problem with her spine.

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