2023 Class of 2023 Results: Lexi Silverio Finds Her Future in Forensics

Lexi Silverio

Thanks to their journey with HPU, HPU alumni have premier career paths around the world in Fortune 500 companies, international service programs, public school systems, leading legal, medical and graduate programs, and many other respected organizations. is leading Here’s a glimpse of one of the special members of the 2023 class:

name: Lexi Silverio

home town: Boston, Massachusetts

Selection subject: psychology

Plans after Graduation: Silverio plans to attend the University of Maryland in Baltimore, Maryland for a master’s degree in forensic medicine.

How HPU helped us achieve our goals:

“HPU’s hands-on, experiential learning has allowed me to pursue topics I love outside of a typical classroom setting. I was able to shadow and gain hands-on experience, which helped nurture and encourage my future goals and my love of forensics.”

HPU’s most influential mentors:

“My most influential mentor at HPU was Dr. Chris Fowler, Director of Environmental Studies and Associate Professor of Chemistry. He helped develop my love for forensic medicine.He encouraged me to pursue my goal of becoming a forensic pathologist and helped me through the graduate school application process.”

HPU’s most impactful moment:

“My most impactful moment at HPU was when I chose my sorority, Alpha Chi Omega (AXO). , who have pushed me to pursue my dreams and encouraged me to take leadership roles both inside and outside AXO.I arrived at HPU as a shy freshman and found myself around the strong women at AXO. It made us the leaders and women of today.”

How has HPU’s stimulating environment contributed to your success?

“The stimulating environment at HPU encouraged me to pursue my goals. The opportunity to work as a research assistant and lab assistant deepened my love of science in general and made it a transferable experience. It’s been a great experience and being surrounded by faculty and students who want to see you do your best really pushes you forward. I feel like

What life skills has HPU helped you develop and set you up for long-term success?

“The HPU has helped me not only solve problems in a creative way, but also critical thinking in general. If we can think outside the box, we can find unconventional solutions that can lead to new breakthroughs and discoveries.”

What values ​​and virtues have the HPU campus helped you grow?

“HPU encourages a growth mindset, and this value has always stuck with me.

Advice for underclassmen:

“Be active and don’t be shy to ask faculty for opportunities! Everyone on this campus is here to support you and help you reach your goals. Experience is up to you, so take the initiative and enjoy your four years.”

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