101-year-old doctor still practicing in France

French doctor Christian Chenet is 101 years old and still sees patients. What motivates him to continue practicing his profession?

Christian Chenay began practicing medicine during World War II. As an intern, he was forced to treat an epidemic of typhoid fever by the Germans. is ready.

But this was not the only time he treated patients. After the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, he works as a medical doctor at a nursing home for retired monks. Indeed, he is a devout and devoted Catholic. As in his youth, he was able to avoid infection during this pandemic. “We weren’t vaccinated and didn’t have masks at the beginning. We were lucky not to get infected,” he said in his Le Parisien interview.

The tweet describes Dr. Chenay as France’s oldest doctor.

“He found a very good rhythm”

Dr. Christian Chenay is still accepting patients. He takes care of his 425 people. “This is more social work than medicine,” he told the daily Le Parisien.

There is a shortage of doctors in his area, which is one of the reasons he continues to practice. Another is his obvious love of medicine. “It’s easier to stick with what you know. Besides, it’s very easy to stay up to date,” he said in an interview.

Patients come to him mainly for prescriptions. But recently he started having virtual appointments. “He found a very good rhythm,” says Dr. Chenay’s son. “He sees a few patients, about 20 a week.”

Francuski Lekarz Christian Chenay
French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte Macron meet with Dr Christian Chenet at the Elysée Palace (May 1, 2020)

Alain Jocard / Poole / AFP

When asked about his secret to longevity and health, he replied: I eat irregularly all the time and not much. Most of the time I do two things at once. ”

The local government honored him for his many years of service.

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