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Some people shudder at the thought of eating in the university cafeteria. But it may not be necessary. Some schools across the country celebrate great dining, with themed meals and fresh, locally sourced food.

Jalina Kozzo, who will be a student at the University of Alabama until she graduates in 2022, has gained significant social media fame with her TikTok videos ranking the university’s food, but she also enjoys a wide variety of ethnic dishes in the campus cafeteria. I like to see Kozzo, who has more than 164,000 followers and nearly 11 million video views on TikTok, said, “This is really important because students from all over the world can see food they are familiar with and feel safe. I think,” he says.

Students may also prioritize fresh choices, clean venues, and a wide variety of foods that consider diverse dietary needs and allergies, according to the National University, a resource for campus dining professionals. said Robert Nelson, CEO of the Food Service Association.

Cozzo advises students to “be open-minded” when it comes to canteen meals and not compare them to family favorite recipes or award-winning restaurants. Here are 10 colleges that have great on-campus dining, excluding culinary schools.

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